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I have a knack for not updating my website enough, I tend to get so busy with other projects and assignments that I tend to forget I even have this website. Starting today and moving forward, that’s all going to change!

Welcome to Mackeydesigns.com Version 9!

When I first started this website, I wanted to do something that broke the mold of what all the other photographers were doing, and not just automotive photographers, but everyone in general. Version’s 1 through 3 were pretty much a toss up of horrible graphics layered on top of cells and tables that really didn’t amount to much. By the time I got to version 4, things started to take off with the introduction of flash galleries (which at the time cost me well over $800 to finance through a design house that tailored to every need), but I was ahead of the trend, with cool animation and sliders, etc.

Call me stubborn, but I didn’t get rid of that flash gallery script until this version, using it all the way up to version 8 of this website. Let’s just say the initial investment paid itself off over the years and I’m glad I made the decision back then to actually spend money on my website.

Fast-forward to 2013 and understanding that if I want to compete among the gods of the Automotive industry, I needed a change, a fresh start so to speak. Outside of some of the portfolio images, not a single scrap of code from any of the version is on this new website! Over time I will grow it again, more portfolio’s (Design, other types of Photography, etc) but for now, this is what it will remain, I hope  you like it!

About the author

Photographer, digital artist, automotive enthusiast, colleague, entrepreneur, mentor: these are all words that describe Josh Mackey. Known worldwide simply by just his surname, Mackey’s roots lie in the automotive enthusiast culture of the Pacific Northwest.

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