Do you ever feel like you’re stuck? Repeating the same thing over and over like it’s another version of the movie Groundhog Day? Out of high school I had no idea what I wanted to do and no one really showed me a “path” to take in what I was [...]

  The scenario was set, as a long time Android user, I was finally moving into an iPhone. Some friends cheered, others complained in utter disgust as I transitioned from one mobile OS to the other. After a long run with Android devices, I felt it was time to give [...]

Automotive Photography is always tricky. There will come a time when you want to use a spot you know you’ll never get access to. You would either A) Need a rather large budget or B) Giant balls to sneak off a few shots. One way I’ve been able to overcome [...]

I have a knack for not updating my website enough, I tend to get so busy with other projects and assignments that I tend to forget I even have this website. Starting today and moving forward, that’s all going to change! Welcome to Version 9! When I first started [...]