Bio Written by Armin H. Ausejo

Photographer, digital artist, automotive enthusiast, colleague, entrepreneur, mentor: these are all words that I would use to clearly describe Josh Mackey. Known worldwide simply by just his surname, Mackey’s roots lie in the automotive enthusiast culture of the Pacific Northwest. As a member of Team Mospeed, Mackey first made a name for himself and his sense of style by showing off his car and winning trophies. Around this time, Mackey first starting shooting photographs of his and his teammate’s cars, along with learning the ins and outs of today’s industry standard photography and design software. Mackey’s proficiency and proactive attitude soon caught the eyes of magazine publishers in North America and overseas, ultimately leading to scores of magazine features, well over a dozen magazine covers, numerous photography and website awards, and even his own co-written book. Along with all of the photography, Mackey also helped design and brand numerous websites, flyers, and other graphic materials: all of which are a testament to his personal style and taste.

This combination of photography talent and mastery of graphic design helped pave the way toward the inception of in May 2010. Together with a handful of other like-minded local car enthusiasts (myself included), he built from the ground up, with the overarching goal to breathe life back into the economically affected local tuner scene. Mackey solidified a consistent, high quality brand and message through his marketing of, eventually leading it to where it stands today as the largest and definitive automotive lifestyle online magazine in the Pacific Northwest. Through’s features, photography, events, and products, Mackey clearly established himself as a leading go-to marketing talent for all things car enthusiast related.

Nevertheless, despite all of the personal accomplishments that might often lead to a snobbish attitude, Mackey has always stayed humble; he strives to better himself and his skills, along with helping contribute to the education of others. In many ways, Mackey took me under his wing as I began my career in photography and continues to help not only improve my own skills, but also help as I teach a new generation of photographers what I’ve learned from him and my own experiences. He is constantly pushing the limits of his photographic and artistic abilities, drawing inspiration from his photographer peers and those who already walked the path before him. I’m quite proud to consider Mackey my friend, colleague, and mentor, and I honestly believe that no job or task is too big or difficult for him to handle.

On Mackey’s leisure time, he shares a happy home with his wife Jescelynn and his son Jackson James, or shares some Jameson with myself, Marc Staiger, Jason Siu, and his NWMotiv staff. Many thanks from Mackey go to Tyrone and all of the other magazine editors who helped him become what he is today.

Recurring Clients:
Mazda USA
Corksport Performance
NiteHawk Sweepers
Import Tuner Magazine
SuperStreet Magazine
Modified Magazine
Honda Tuning Magazine
SpeedFactory Racing
Forgestar Wheels
Diamond Lighting Tech

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